There are some universally accepted international standards for paddy and milled rice because of the differences in the grading paddy and milled rice quality among countries.

Objectives of Establishing Standards and Grades:

  • To ensure only edible rice reaches the consumer;
  • To improve postharvest practices so as to eliminate or reduce waste;
  • To improve agronomic practices to increase farm yields;
  • To improve processing practices for better milling recoveries and for market expansion and
  • To protect consumers from price/quality manipulation.

Myanmar is rich in cultivation of Rice varieties. We can supply all grade of rice as you require with your required quantity. If you have further requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time to receive our updated price list.

Myanmar Long Grain White Rice Typical Specifications

GradeParboiled Rice 5% 5% Broken 25% Broken 100% Broken
Moisture: 14 pct Max. 14 pct Max. 14 pct Max. 14 pct Max.
Foreign Matter: 0.5 pct Max. 0.5 pct Max. 1.5 pct Max. 1 pct Max.
Chalky Kernel: 2.5 pct Max. 2.5 pct Max. 8pct Max. 8 pct Max.
Damaged Kernel: 2 pct Max. 2 pct Max. 2 pct Max. 3 pct Max.
Paddy:22-33 Grains/kg 22-33 Grains/kg 4/CC22-33 Grains/kg
Yellow Kernel: 0.75 pct Max. 2 pct Max. 2 pct Max. -
Red & Red Streaked: 2 pct Max. 2pct Max. 3 pct Max. 3 pct Max.
Milling Degree:Well Milled Well Milled Well Milled Reasonably WM

Rice Quality: Purity Unmixed.

The Taste: Natural Fragrance of Rice.

The Storage Condition: Keep in a Dry and Cool Place, Avoiding the Humid Place.

Expiry Date: 12 Months from the date of Produce.


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