It is a short grain type. The grain is softer and chalkier in abdomen than the Ngasein. It can be cultivated in two regions; Ayeyarwaddy Division (Delta Region, one of the four major rice production regions) and Sagaing Division (Shwebo region, water irrigated from dams and reservoirs). Myanmar Fragrant (Paw San Mui) Rice is famous for its long lasting aroma,soft and smooth eating quality and easy digestibility. Myanmar Fragrant (Paw San Mui) Rice won the World Best Rice Premium Award at The Rice Trader World Rice Conference in 2011.

Type of Rice Grades Grain Composition Maximum Milling Standard Mositure Content

(not more than 14%)

Whole Kernel & Head Rice Big Broken Broken Size of Big Broken CI Paddy Damaged FM FK R & RST CH
Y OtherWise Damaged
Paw San Mui 5% 80% 13-17 3 – 7 0.5 – 0.75 - 22-33/kg 1 2 0.5 3 2 2.5 Well milled 14

Business Terms

Accepted Delivery TermsFOB, CIF
Accepted Payment CurrencyUSD, EUR
Accepted Payment TypeT/T, L/C
Nearest PortYangon

Myanmar is proudly producing Paw San; which was awarded best rice in the world in 2011 and also known as “Pearl Rice” due to its white and delicate texture. It is a unique fragrant rice and although it belongs to Short-grain rice group, it is famous for its elongation characteristics and called as “Magic Rice” which could become up to three times bigger than original size after cooking. As Paw San cannot be cultivated on every types of soil but only on the types of soil that meet the special requirements, it can be produced only in limited amount and favorably consumed by Myanmar people.


a) Whole Kernels & Head Rice 95%
b) Big Brokens 5%
Size of Brokens (-) 0.75/ (+) 0.50
PADDY 15 grains/kg
a) DAMAGE - Otherwise damaged 0.5%
b) Foreign Matters -
c) Foreign Kernels 1.0%
d) Red & Red Streaked Kernels 1.0%
e) Chalky Kernels -
MILLING DEGREE Extra well milled.
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