We have many varieties of broken white rice from Long Grain White Rice, Short Medium Grain White Rice and Short Grain White Rice. It is suitable for extracting starch, rice flour, animal feeds, and as a raw material in brewing process or human consumption depending on the quality grades.

Type of Rice Grades Grain Composition Maximum Milling Standard Mositure Content

(not more than 14%)



Size of Big Broken Paddy Damaged FM R & RST CH
Y OtherWise Damaged
Broken Rice 100%   0.25 – 0.60


22-33/kg 1 3 1


3 8 Reasonably Well milled 14

Business Terms

Accepted Delivery TermsFOB, CIF
Accepted Payment CurrencyUSD, EUR
Accepted Payment TypeT/T, L/C
Nearest PortYangon
a) Damage
   Yellow: 1st half of the year 1.0%
   Yellow 2nd half of the year 2.0%
   Otherwise damaged 3.0%
b) Foreign matters 1.0%
c) Foreign Kernels -
d) Red & red streaked kernels 3.0%
e) Chalky kernels 8.0%
f) Immature grains -
MILLING DEGREE Reasonably well milled
MOISTURE CONTENT not more than 14%
N.B (1) Size of broken is determined in proportion to the average length of the unbroken kernels.
(2) Maximum allowance of mixture in damage, red and red streaked kernels and chalky kernels may be measured from the rice.
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