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Type Rice
Rice Variety Long-Grain Rice
Broken Ratio (%) 5 %
Place of Origin Myanmar
Texture Soft
Cultivation Type Common
Max. Moisture (%) 14 %
Kind White Rice
Color White
Crop Year 2014 -2015

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 50 Kg PP bags, 25 Kg PP bags, 20 Kg PP bags, 10 Kg PP bags, PE inner also available on request 1 Ton Jumbo bags and 25 Ton Liner bags also available
Delivery Detail: Able to load 15 working days after signing the contract

Yadanar Toe 5% Broken

Yadanar Toe or literally translated the "Growing Treasure" is long grain rice variety mainly grown in Myanmar's second biggest rice growing region Bago. It has a average length of about 6-8mm compared to 5.5-6.5mm for Emata. Its taste is slightly more delicate and soft than that of other Myanmar long grain varieties.

Grain Composition

Whole Grain / Big Brokens/ Head Rice : 95.00 PCT MIN
Brokens : 05.00 PCT MAX
Small Brokens and chips : NIL
Red and Red streaked Kernels : 02.00 PCT MAX
Yellow Kernels : 02.00 PCT MAX
Damaged Kernels : 01.00 PCT MAX
Chalky Kernels : 04.00 PCT MAX
Foreign Kernels : 03.00 PCT MAX
Foreign Matters : 00.50 PCT MAX
Paddy Grains/ 1KG : 00.20 PCT MAX
Moisture : 14.00 PCT MAX
Milling Degree : Well Milled, Double Polished and Sortexed
Crop : Current Crop
Average Grain Length : 06.80 MM MIN

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